Data Centre Case Studies

The Data Centre:

A privately-held, Geneva-registered company which provides a complete range of data hosting services in its purpose-built Tier III Data Centre. Founded in 2000, the company is ISO 9001 certified and FINMA-compliant, whose clients include industry-leading financial institutions, multinationals and international organisations. Services provided include maintaining the secure, reliable, and continuous availability of its clients’ business systems and applications, while offering best-in-class solutions in a cost effective manner

The following are highlights of some data centre case studies:

Creating an iPhone/Android Smartphone Application for A Regional Transport Company.

This transport company, launched its first smartphone application in Switzerland to allow travelers to get localized bus waiting times, trip lengths, and connections in real-time on their mobile devices. They needed a data centre to host, connect and manage the application servers that collect real-time information from the bus & tram network and transmit data to users’ mobile devices.

For this project, the data centre designed a hosting infrastructure built with scalability in mind, since the application was forecast to rapidly grow in popularity and become the defacto source for consulting Geneva’s public transport schedule. This powerful back-end system was built to communicate seamlessly between the iPhone, other mobile devices, and the transport company’s application engine, with the project delivered on time and within budget.

Developing a Business Continuity Plan for an Oil Trading Company.

The Oil company’s requirements were a highly-secure and reliable data centre facility with the capacity to expand and meet their future requirements. They need to support continued expansion and to help reassess their hosting and business continuity plans. Of primary importance as the company continued to expand its trading activities was the necessity to ensure that its IT systems were fully-protected against any risk of downtime.

The Oil company therefore outsourced its hosting and key business applications to the data centre. These services were combined with the data centre’s extensive connectivity experience in order to create a total solution covering both data centre services and user connectivity. The data centre now provides the Oil Trader with 24×7 data centre collocation services from its Geneva data centre, LAN speed connectivity between the data centre and the Oil users in Geneva, and a Tier-1 load-balanced Internet gateway for the Oil company’s corporate IP traffic. To protect the Oil company’s business operations in the event of a disaster, the data centre also provides the company with fully-equipped business recovery positions, supported by its Tier-3 facility. This gives the Oil Trader the ability to restart business operations within hours of an invocation.

World’s Leading Shoe Retailer Chooses the Geneva Data Centre to Provide a Complete Range of Managed IT Services.

A company that is spread across 6 continents and many time zones. In early 2007, it began a new strategy of centralising certain key functions, such as IT. The company required a 24×7 managed IT services provider with the necessary skill-sets to help it develop in-house experience and know-how for its critical applications. They studied various options and decided that the data centre fit the profile required.

As part of this strategy, the retailer consolidated its financial reporting and outsourced the hosting to the data centre. This allowed the company’s world-wide retail network to connect to its financial applications, enabling live-tracking of global sales. The data centre provides Bata with 24×7 server management, systems monitoring, and backup supported by fault-tolerant connectivity. Building on the successful relationship with The data centre, Bata continued its program of consolidation and the management decided to include more of their global IT systems under The data centre. Today, the data centre supports Bata around-the-clock for its financial dashboard, global e-mail system, and various merchandising applications.

CERN Extends its Data Centre into The data centre’s Facility to Meet Demand for Critical Power.

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. CERN has the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments used to study the basic constituents of matter — the fundamental particles. CERN relies on computers to sort the data coming out of these machines, which can generate between 100 and 1,000 megabytes of data each second. The result is that CERN’s scientists manage more than 15 petabytes of new data each year. CERN turned to The data centre when it needed to find a secure and reliable data centre facility with the capacity that met its ever-expanding data storage requirements and its demand for critical power.

Working closely with CERN’s data centre engineers, The data centre designed an optimised layout for power and cooling. The solution involved configuring and installing dedicated power boards in a redundant configuration, fully-integrated into The data centre’s building alert system. This gives CERN the ability to monitor its power-loading across each phase in real-time, allowing a clearer picture of their capacity usage. The installation was completed within budget.