Services Available

There are several reasons why to use a Data Centre Services. Below are some of the services offered:


Colocation services normally range from individual racks to custom-configured rooms, depending on client needs. These managed services offer the power and cooling flexibility demanded by today’s IT environments.



Data hosts provide a range of connectivity solutions that customers can combine to create their ideal network IT environment. Most data centres will work with the major national and international carriers to cross connect customers to the carrier of their choice. Additionally, the data centre usually has the knowledge and capability to design a resilient WAN architecture, and closely monitor all systems 24 hours a day.


Business Continuity

Business continuity is vitally important in this day and age. Data centres provide cost effective protection enabling businesses to minimise any disruptions to their services, and reduce risks of revenue losses.


Managed IT Hosting

Managed hosting is where a service provider (data centre) leases dedicated servers and hardware to a single client and it is fully managed by the service provider.

The main difference between and managed host and a dedicated hosting is the service provider administers the managed hosts hardware, operating systems and system software. Normally, the client has administrative rights and access but as a rule rarely uses it, preferring instead to interact with the system through a (much simpler) Web-based interface.

The information above for the services offered by data centres in Switzerland is for reference only. For more detailed services offered, Please contact Chris Thomas,




Your IT infrastructure will be centrally managed to make efficient use of hardware and IT resources, self-service capabilities, capacity planning, service-level management, and proactive systems monitoring.

This helps drive down the cost of managing your IT

The client gain more business value from IT services, and can focus their own IT staffing demands on more productive areas of IT.